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The factsheet goes through a number of relevant agreements. In any case, it is an “agreement” (the United Kingdom leaves with the withdrawal agreement and the transition) and “No Deal”. “Deal” only looks at the transition, not beyond. The trade agreement signed by Switzerland and the United Kingdom provides for the maintenance of the preferential rules of origin of the MSP Convention. Since, in the case of the “no deal” scenario, the EU and the other parties to the MSP Convention are considered as third countries in relations between Switzerland and the United Kingdom, the following changes are envisaged. The United Kingdom has signed a transport agreement with Switzerland. The agreement ensures that British carriers will be able to continue to operate with a Community licence in Switzerland as soon as the agreement enters into force. (Here you will find – in French but with other language options – information on Swiss-EU bilateral agreements in trade and other areas, including a link to a regularly updated 28-page list of current bilateral agreements. A 33-slide summary of the bilateral agreements is available here.) The government stressed that it would only use the deal if Britain left the EU without a deal. Otherwise, relations between Bern and London would continue to be governed by the agreement on the free movement of persons, probably until the end of 2020. If the UK and the EU do not reach a withdrawal agreement, Switzerland and the UK have agreed on how to respect bilateral mutual rights and obligations on mutual assistance and mutual legal assistance after the withdrawal date. The above-mentioned agreements and conventions would then apply as before.

Concretely, subject to the entry into force of such a bilateral agreement, this means that no change should be expected for the administration, individuals or businesses in the field of mutual assistance and international mutual legal assistance. . . .

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