Scheduling Agreement In Sap Mm Lp And Lpa

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u2013 Compare two delivery plan shipments: the rankings of a delivery plan release contain for the supplier finalized information about quantities and delivery dates. Classifications are recorded using the publication document and can be viewed and verified at any time. In the release document. B you can see the dates you have communicated to the supplier in the last two weeks and check the accuracy of the goods entries according to the relevant classifications. Can you clarify the difference between LP and LPA delivery plans? A delivery plan is a longer contract with a supplier that covers the supply of materials under predefined conditions. The conditions apply to a predefined period and a predefined total quantity. Should we use LP`s insrtead LPA contract type? Yes, you cannot find in vov8 search in olme schedule agreement types, there you will find LPA. There are two types of release from the delivery plan: the delivery plan is specific to the factory where the M and W position categories are not allowed. For the payroll type, the material components to be supplied for each delivery date can be entered separately. If you use delivery plans without sharing documentation (such as LP), the message is generated directly.

SA versions can be generated for delivery plans with output documentation. The release of the delivery plan can be done manually or automatically using a report. SA shares can be generated either for all selected positions in the relevant delivery plan or only for positions for which classifications are rearranged or changed. The Sch agreement with LPA is used for JIT delivery. Please send me your personal email ID. I send the screenshot for LPA If you are using a delivery plan with release documentation, the positions of the delivery plan will not be transmitted directly to the supplier. Intially, the lines of the delivery plan stored in the system for an LPA delivery plan are only recorded for internal information. A message informing the supplier of your hardware requirements can only be sent to the supplier if you explicitly create an SA version, i.e. a provisional schedule (FRC) or a just-in-time delivery schedule (JIT). Through this process, you can change the way rankings are presented. Output documentation allows you to transmit SA versions (delivery plans) to a supplier for a certain period of time from each moment.

So you can know exactly when you sent what information to the provider. . . .

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