Telecoms Network Framework Agreement

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The framework covers purchases of jisc, higher education institutions, continuing education institutions, fachhochschulen and Research Council bodies in the United Kingdom, as well as any other body who have as their main objective to support or promote higher education or research. Thanks to our wide range of framework contracts, we are able to offer a number of services throughout the public sector, allowing our customers to purchase faster through a simplified framework contract and reduce time and costs. Use our frameworks for all your communication and technology requirements, including voice and data connections, mobile communications, unified communications, and security. YPO is looking for suppliers named in a framework contract for the supply of connectivity and telecommunications products and solutions. MLL Telecom, a leading independent provider of Secure Managed Network Services, has been selected as one of the providers under the UK Government`s new Network Services Framework Agreement (RM1045), as announced by the Crown Commercial Service. A single dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for connectivity, closely related services, and transition and implementation assistance that enable health, social and related clients to access the health and social care network. HSCN access services can also be purchased from Bundle 1 of Network Services 2-Frameworks. This agreement offers customers a number of primary and complementary services*, including: For more information, including the list of suppliers, a buying guide (login required) and FAQs, check out the Community Group of Telecommunications Executives….

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