Uic Data Use Agreement

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For test projects that use unique or special academic institutions and are not the subject of original and creative research. The University does not claim ownership of data or other results generated under this Agreement and is not interested in ensuing publication rights. The UIC ACE is the NDAR Collection #1 (ndar.nih.gov/data_from_labs.html?id=1&showSingle=true). There are a large number of other agreements that do not deal with the funding or exchange of material, data or information, but may be necessary to carry out a research project (e.g. B No-Money Collaboration). OSP will process these agreements on behalf of PI and the division. The material supplier is usually not the proponent of the research project in which you are using the materials. If the equipment supplier is also the sponsor of the research project, a funded research agreement may be the most appropriate form of agreement between the parties. ASAs generally limit the receiving verifier to the use of materials transferred for a particular research project and for non-commercial purposes. Agreement on the use of anonymous data: suitable for non-human data or anonymized data of human subjects. A provision of the IRB is required for anonymized data. As a public non-profit educational institution, the university is subject to certain guidelines and regulations, which it can and cannot accept in a clinical trial contract.

These guidelines are intended to protect the well-being of participants as research subjects; promote the Fundamental Mission of the University in teaching, research and public service; and minimize the different forms of adhesion related to human research. When negotiating clinical trial contracts, the university focuses primarily on ensuring acceptable contractual clauses on high-risk topics such as violations, indemnification, confidentiality, data ownership, patent rights, and publication rights. *The data receiver is defined as a Penn State which, in turn, assigns responsibility for data management to the (primary) recipient Investigator. The IP is responsible for all project staff who have access to the data. Log in to the public download site. The site contains release notes and manifests. The site also contains data dictionaries, variable summaries, documents and cut analyses, whenever available. If you wish to obtain a data use agreement or request further access to a data set, you must complete the DATA Acquisition Request (DAR) form. Please work with your College Research Office to help you submit this form. Questions may also be asked of the Data Use Agreement Coordinator at the Sponsored Programs Office.

The purpose of this form is to collect the first information in order to help them process your data collection request. . . .

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